Perfect for: meeting friends, catching up on emails, casual business meetings, resting weary feet and waiting for transport connections.

There are many cafes in Berlin, and a good number of coworking spaces. There are also plenty of cafe-come-working-spaces. But if what you’re really after is a home from home, a comfortable ‘working’ space with a laid back atmosphere; no purposeful looking desks, no uncomfortable chairs, no quick-stop, stand-up-to-drink-your-coffee-then-get-out vibe, then this is for you. We’ve put together a list of Berlin’s best cosy laptop-friendly cafes, where you can catch up on your emails, finish that blog post or simply sit back, relax and soak in the Berlin vibe. NB: Emphasis is on ambience, not the quality of the coffee.



Betahaus Café– Primarily a coworking space (I know, I know- but wait), Betahaus also has a great in-house café; it’s well lit, colourful, furnished with pine wood and adorned with comfortable armchairs. And yes, the Wifi is free.

Location: Prinzessinnenstraße 19-20 10969

Nearest station: Moritzplatz

Salon Schmück

The atmosphere is cosy, the staff are friendly and the sofas are downright engulfing. Enjoy a coffee from €1.50 and opt for a window seat if you have your eyes set on a power cable.

Location: Skalitzer Straße 78-79, 10997

Nearest Station: Görlitzer Bahnhof

Ruben’s Coffee Lounge

Somewhat less casual for Kreuzberg (more cafe-come-cocktail-bar), but the warm lighting and modern spaceship-style armchairs make for a comfortable atmosphere and a great place to meet with friends and unwind.

Location: Mehringdamm 65 10961

Nearest Station:  Mehringdamm

Prenzlauer Berg



KAFFE is a quaint little coffee shop with delicious homemade food, heart-warmingly friendly staff and a quiet and relaxed atmosphere. Wifi is free and there are plenty of powerpoints. Don’t make too much noise though, the cafe isn’t so welcoming of clatter!

Location: Immanuelkirchstraße 6 10405

Nearest Station: (Metro) Knaackstrasse

Spreegold Cafe

The cafe with no name – or at least that’s what it seems from the outside as there is no visible sign for this hipster hotspot! Spreegold has it right when it comes to efficiency: order at the bar and collect your food when the buzzer goes. There are sofa areas in the middle, equipped with desk lamps if you want to get down to some more serious work. Food is delicious in general and the croissants are the most buttery around.

Location: Stargarder Straße 82 10437

Nearest Station: Schönhauser Allee

Mangelwirtschaft– Magelwirtscaft is a cafe with a twist – it’s also a laundry! Enjoy a homely atmosphere while you sip your coffee among the plants and gently swirling clothes.

Location: Paul-Robeson-Straße

Nearest Station: Schönhauser Allee

Shakespeare and Sons

Shakespeare and Sons is that brilliant combination we have grown to love so much: both bookshop and cafe in one. Cosy on down, select a book and spend the afternoon reading while you enjoy one of their many varieties of tea.

Location: Raumerstr. 36A 10437

Nearest Station: (Metro) Raumerstraße


A cafe crossed with a bar, this smoker’s lounge screams ‘Berlin’. Sink into one of the vintage sofas and feel like you’re in your very own living room.

Location: Lettestr. 6 10437

Nearest Station:  (Metro) Raumerstraße

Café Knorke

Glass-top tables, vintage armchairs, flowery wallpaper; you might feel just like you’re sitting in your grandparent’s living room. It almost seems slightly out of place for this cosy little cafe to be serving some of the best Flammkuchen around.

Location: Bötzowstr. 18 10407

Nearest Station: (Metro) M4 Hufelandstraße

Cafe CK

Cafe CK appears on most of the lists for the best coffee in Berlin. But if you’re looking for more than perfectly steamed milk, this is a cafe you can actually hang out in too: a rare combination! Lounge decor, delicious treats and free Wifi just top it off. The cafe serves an excellent breakfast so this is top of our list for the perfect place to cure a hangover.

Location: Marienburgerstrasse 49 10405

Nearest Station: Senefelder Platz

No Fire No Glory

Small, sweet and quiet. No Fire No Glory’s interior is just as beautiful as the cafe’s pretty exterior, and the coffee doesn’t have a bad reputation either! With Australian Barristers you can enjoy watching the number of German’s who frequent the cafe to practise their English.

Location: Rykestr. 45, 10405 Berlin

Nearest Station: (Metro) Marrienburger Strasse

Cafe Rhino

Cosy and comfortable atmosphere, interesting mix of people, super fast Wifi; there’s a lot to love about Cafe Rhino. Be careful though, once you sink into one of the armchairs, there’s a good chance you won’t be able to get up.

Location: Rhinower Straße 5, 10437

Nearest Station: Schönhauser Allee



Maxway Coffee

Excellent coffee and a good number of regulars; Maxway coffee is deceptively friendly considering the Starbucks-like logo. Set up camp in the leather sofa chairs at the back.

Location: Maasenstrasse 13

Nearest Station: Nollendorfplatz

Café Bilderbuch

Library, cafe and bar, Bilderbuch is as varied itself as the seating options inside! Here you’ll find the typical Berlin mish-mash of museum-style relics to modern ikea masterpieces. Powerslots available too.

Location: Akazienstr. 28 10823

Nearest Station: Julius-Leber Brücke, Kleistpark  



Espresso Ambulanz

If you’re looking for a low-key, fresh ingredient kind of place, Espresso Ambulanz will deliver. Free Wifi and a range of exquisite desserts will certainly keep you satisfied on a cold afternoon in Berlin.

Location: Oranienburger Straße 51, 10117

Nearest Station: Oranienburger Tor

Oslo Kaffebar & Oslo Kaffebar Embassies

Kristian Moldskred and Benjamin Mosse know their coffee: choose your perfect espresso to milk ratio and cosy down with a book among the typical Berlin furnishings: brick walls and exposed ducts and wiring.

Location: Eichendorffstrasse 13, 10115

Nearest Station: Naturkundemuseum  



Le Johann Rose

Full of plenty of interesting things to eat and a good range of drinks, including several speciality coffees, Le Johann Rose is another cafe/bar combo. The setting resembles that of a huge dollhouse and the cafe is spacious enough to work in, though it can be hard to find a power outlet.

Location: Pannierstr. 41 12047

Nearest Station: Hermannplatz

The Playwright cafe

The Playwright Cafe is a wonderfully comfortable place to enjoy a slice of sweet banana bread, some good value coffee and a spot of healthy people watching. The back room is lined with books and the combination of chilled music and fast Wifi, makes it the perfect place to work.

Location: Pannierstr.29 12047

Nearest Station: U Schönleinstr  



Café Honolulu

The hotel’s cafe and library has a friendly, warm atmosphere, and a young bohemian vibe which has been deemed by Foursquare as great for: singles, croissants, cappuccinos, cheesecake and casual music. So kick back, relax and get talking with some fellow travellers.

Location: Warschauer Straße 39/40 10243

Nearest Station: S+U Warschauer Strasse


Apparently it can be hard to find Wifi in Friedrichshain, but Tagomago has it covered, with the addition of comfy chairs and good music. You even get an Oreo cookie with your coffee! It’s all about the little things…

Location: Simon-Dach-Straße 3, 10245

Nearest Station: Frankfurter Tor

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