We are excited to award a scholarship fund of $2000 to a promising student, who has a keen interest in taking up a career in the travel industry. The Wimdu Scholarship was created in order to recognise and develop the sort of skills that are fundamental to succeeding in the travel and business sectors.

Since its launch in March 2011, Wimdu has grown exponentially to become a leading online platform in the travel industry, providing private accommodation around the world to suit every taste and budget. We are an international team of professionals with a wide-range of talents and experience, all sharing the same passion for business excellence and travel.

Arne Bleckwenn, Wimdu GmbH CEO says: “Wimdu continues to play a key role in shaping the future of the global travel industry. The Wimdu Scholarship will help and encourage students in the business and travel sectors to bridge the gap between university and graduate employment“.


Applicants must be studying in an Australian university at undergraduate or Masters degree level in a field related to Business Administration, Travel or Tourism in the academic year 2015-2016. All applications must be received from the applicant’s official university email account, and include confirmation from the university that the applicant meets our criteria. Both domestic and international students of may apply, provided they are enrolled at a participating Australian university.


Applicants are required to submit a 1200-1500 word synopsis, highlighting the potential challenges and indeed solutions for an online-based travel company (such as Wimdu), looking to make ground in the competitive Australian marketplace. Alternatively, the entry may be submitted in presentation format. Our panel will select the most creative and compelling submission. Applications for this academic year will open on September 28th 2015 and close on January 25th 2016. The successful applicant will be announced on February 12th 2016.


Essays submitted must be the applicant’s own work and free from any plagiarism. All applications will be checked for signs of falsification.

– Applicants must be able to provide proof that they are enrolled in an undergraduate degree or Masters degree in a field related to business, travel or tourism.
– Please ensure that your application is submitted from your university email account, and that it includes the following:
1. Copy of the 1200-1500 word essay
2. Proof of student status for the academic year 2015/16
3. Proof of enrolment on a relevant course

For any inquiries about the application process please contact us via

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