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Accommodation in New York New York is an incredibly vibrant American city and is considered one of the cultural capitals of the world. Its people like to think they are at the center of the world, and after spending a couple of days in this pulsating city you can hardly blame them. Over 8 million people make up a one of the most diverse and cosmopolitan cities in the world.

When you take stroll through busy areas such as Times Square you will be awe struck by the array of colors, flashing lights, iconic billboards, tall skyscrapers and countless cultural venues. New York really is a city where you can design your own adventure. The choice is yours, whether you want to take a stroll through the Broadway Theater District and see a famous show, or escape the bustling city by visiting the famous Central Park for a picnic.

Wherever you go in New York, you are bound to find a variety of attractions to suit anyone. You are also bound to run in to many unique ‘characters’ that will make your experience a memorable one. You may like to grab a New York style hot dog and pay a visit to the Empire State Building or the Statue of Liberty, all three of these being typical New York attractions. Or perhaps take a ride over to Brooklyn and mix with New York’s ‘cool crowd’, a mix of artists, hipsters and fashionistas. You will also notice a fascinating mix of cultures in Brooklyn with their being huge Hispanic, Russian, Chinese and Jewish communities here. Even if you are not a sports fan, going to see a New York baseball game is something that could be considered ‘typically New York’, and the atmosphere alone is enough of an attraction. Aside from all of this, there are numerous events, festivals, shopping districts, world-renowned restaurants and day trips to enjoy here. Whatever you choose, you are guaranteed to find countless ways to entertain yourself in this incredible city.

Wimdu’s holiday accommodation and apartments to rent in New York City.

New York is one of the most expensive places in the world to live and you will find many hotels and hostels that reflect this. Through Wimdu, however, you will find many options to suit any budget. The diversity of the city is reflected in its accommodation options; affordable bed and breakfasts lie just meters away from a classic New York penthouse apartment. We recommend you look into which neighborhood suits your holiday needs. Those who wish to go shopping and sightseeing should look into apartment in New York City’s heartland, Manhattan, whereas those who want to see more of the soul of the city should look towards Hells Kitchen or Brooklyn for their short term rental.

Aside from the added benefit flexibility and personalisation, holiday apartment rental is also a great money saver and is on average 30% cheaper than an equivalent hotel. Arguably the greatest benefits however is the social factor this type of accommodation offers. Those on a slim budget can choose to lodge in a private room in a hosts apartment. The host will be able to offer tips, ranging from the nicest local markets, to the best underground bars in NYC.

Fun facts

  • Every year more than 250 films are shot on location in New York
  • New York City has 4,000 street vendors.
  • Every week over 4.9m people make use of NYC’s subway.
  • In order to perform in the New York Subway musicians must pass rigorous auditions.
  • Despite being the largest city in the USA, NYC has the lowest crime rates of the top 25 cities in the country
  • Almost 50% of New York’s citizens speak a different language to English at home.

Shopping and Culture

New York is arguably the most famed shopping destination in the world. Millions of shoppers descend on the city year on year attracted by the mind-boggling selection of department stores, boutiques, and high-end designer shops.

To write a guide on all the best attractions in New York is near impossible due to the sheer amount and diversity of famed locations and sights on offer. One little tip you should make sure you don’t forget is that the Staten island ferry between the island and Manhattan is free. Offering fantastic views of the bay and Manhattan shoreline, this commuter ferry also allows you a great view of one of NYC most famed landmarks, the Statue of Liberty.

Unsurprisingly, the world’s most famous city, is also home to some of the globes finest museums, art galleries and theaters. On the one hand public museums such as the Metropolitan Museum only charge a donation fee for entry, whilst private museums such as the Museum of Modern Art are a bit more pricey. In New York, many galleries and museums close on Mondays, so make sure you look up the opening times online, before planning your day. Probably the most famed theater in the world can be found in New York. Broadway has become synonymous with the theater worldwide and it is a once in a life time opportunity for some to catch a show there. Tickets can be bought from the box office or online.

Getting around

The classic way to travel around this great metropolis in the famous Yellow Taxis. A first-time should always try to hail one and take a ride a couple of blocks. The cheapest form of transportation however is public transport. Grab a New York Metro Card which grants you use to all the city’s buses and metro subway lines. As well as being the cheapest form, it is also the most efficient mode of transportation and ideal for a day of sightseeing and a night of wining and dining.

Luckily for those renting an apartment in New York, proximity to the major attractions is not a large issue as the extensive transport system is able to ferry you quickly to all corners of the city. This allows you to choose accommodation in the New York district that suits your style and general interests rather than taking the one that is close to the attractions, which unsurprisingly are usually more expensive.

New York is served by two international airports. JFK International Airport receives the vast majority of Australia’s New York bound flights.

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Karin Elise & Thomas
Karin Elise & Thomas
10 Excellent
February 2018

We had a marvelous time in this more than outstanding apartment. Samuel was always "there" for us. He was easy to be contacted and helped us with tipps and hints. The appartment is breathtaking. We were so happy with the view to the Emp...

10 Excellent
February 2018
The Loft Room in Upper Manhattan

We had a wonderful stay. Our host was very helpful, friendly, well planned and overall an awesome guy... the neighborhood was great... the A train was one minute... I would totally recommend this apartment.... great NYC experience.....

10 Excellent
February 2018
Wonderful Accommodation in Chelsea

Everything perfect! Wonderful apartment, close to differrent subway lines. Jamas was so nice and kind with us. Absolutely recommended for your trip in NYC!

10 Excellent
February 2018
Charming sunny room in artists apartment

I had a wonderful stay in Deycke's apartment. She is a lovely host, I recommend you this place! It was a real pleasure to meet her and have a cosy place to warm up and relax after a cold winter day in NYC. Thanks a lot Deycke!

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