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Accommodation in Seminyak: Villas and Holiday Rentals

Wimdu villas in Seminyak Seminyak is a holiday resort of the west coast of Bali. The region is popular with tourists and (mainly expatriate) locals alike. The crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean and radiating heat from the equator makes Seminyak a truly desirable tropical island. It is picturesque, unique and unusual. Visiting Seminyak, you will encounter beautiful beaches, brilliant surf and luxurious accommodation. The locals also add to the charm: they are warm and friendly, generally with an excellent command of English.


The island of Bali has a total population of over 4 million people. Land and accommodation prices in Seminyak are among the highest in Bali. While Bali springs up great images of white sandy beaches you will also find plenty of beaches with dark black sand, due to the volcanic nature of the island. Visitors come to Seminyak for the amazing natural beauty, the delicious food and to discover the rich history of the Balinese people. Being right on the coast, Seminyak has the best to offer of Bali, with its stunning beaches, movie style sunsets and thatched-roof villas. It is because of this that the tourism industry in the region has sored over the recent years. The general vibe of Seminyak is upmarket. Luxury accommodation, craft shops, bars and restaurants line the ‘tourist strips’ and the atmosphere itself oozes a kind of sophistication that is not reflected quite so clearly in the rest of Bali.

Where to Stay

Seminyak is known for its high class accommodation and spas To avoid the crowds and steer clear of the tourist hotspots, it is recommended to rent your own private villa. Private villas line the beaches here and there is plenty on offer in terms of choice. Wimdu has a selection of authentic villas, owned by locals from the area. As well as being able to experience the true feel of the island this way, renting a privately owned villa also means your money remains in local rather than multinational hands.

Things to see and do

The main attraction of Seminyak is the warm climate, beautiful beaches, tropical landscape and very different culture. The island of Bali is often described as a paradise and Seminyak in particular has been featured as one of the most popular destinations in the world for honeymooners. To explore the landscape better, you need to venture a little way out from Seminyak. Mount Batur, Bali’s active volcano can be found in Kintamani, which offers some fantastic scenery: mountains surrounded by fields of fruit. The unique thrills of the area can be seen a little closer to where you are staying too, with many beautiful Hindu temples to be found around Seminyak. Uluwatu Temple is located on a cliff face, with incredible views of the Indian Ocean. The temple gives a fascinating insight into the history and culture of the island and its people.

Of course, the main reason most people visit Seminyak is for a relaxing break - and there are plenty of ways to achieve this. There are the white endless beaches, the world-renowned spas, where you can relax amongst the lush surroundings as you get one of the best massages of your life. There are also the hot springs: natural pools of water set in beautiful gardens where you can soak your troubles away.


Fashion and furnishings are probably the main things that can be found on the island in the way of shopping. Dina Rella is an upscale fashion and accessory store in Seminyak. The store stocks traditional, yet sexy Bali style cocktail dresses. If you are more inclined in the way of arts and crafts, Ashitaba in east Bali is worth a visit. The shop sells intricate handmade wooden items, such as kitchen bowls, that would make the perfect gift for someone back home.

Getting around

Getting around Bali is not strictly necessary as you are likely not to want to leave the comfort and luxury of your Seminyak villa, except to visit the nearby beach or spa, but if you do want to explore, you will need to prepare for the traffic. Car is probably still the best way to see the island but especially in the residential areas such as Ubud and Kuta, traffic can get quite hectic. You can also travel by bus. The bus company Perama is a good way to get around the island if you are on a budget. Alternatively you can take a car rental with a driver; a cheaper way to travel than in a taxi and a more reliable way to ensure naviation of Bali’s notoriously difficult roads.

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